Home Appliance Repairs & What You Need To Know About Appliance Repair Warranties

Major appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, icemakers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves and ovens can break down without warning. That causes a great inconvenience since we depend on such appliances to accomplish various tasks and organize ourselves in our homes. Sometimes the appliances will break down when they are fairly new and even while on warranty. If an appliance is less than a year old typically it has the normal warranty from manufacturer. Extended warranties can also be purchased to cover appliances beyond a year. Appliance repair services are normally affected by warranties because some companies are authorized to service appliances under warranty for specific manufacturers while others are not authorized. So it is very important whenever you need to call an appliance repair company to find out if your appliance is still on warranty because that informs the steps you can take to get your appliance repaired, https://www.onsiteappliance.com/ga/appliance-repair-cumming/.

When you call most appliance repair companies, they may ask you if your appliance is on warranty. If you are not sure they will ask you how old the appliance is to get an idea if it’s on warranty or not. For appliance owners with extended warranties it will be easy for them to know since they chose to purchase the warranty themselves unlike the case for the first 1 year warranty that applies automatically to everyone that buys a new appliance. The appliance company asks you about the warranty because they may not be authorized to service your appliance on behalf of the manufacturer. If they are authorized they would go ahead and repair your appliance but the manufacturer will pay for the cost of the repair job done. Other appliance repair companies that are not authorized will ask you to call the manufacturer, then you may agree with the manufacturer to go ahead and pay for the repairs then the manufacturer reimburses the money you have paid to the appliance repair company. It depends on what you agree with the manufacturer and whether there is a company they work with for warranties in your area or not, so it’s a matter of making arrangements sometimes.

You cannot have a company that is not authorized working on your appliance that is on warranty without making an arrangement with your manufacturer first. If you do that it voids your warranty and that is why such companies will not want to work on appliances under warrant in the first place until you call the manufacturer. Onsite appliance repair companies have good reputation and that like to stand behind their work. So they normally give their own warranties on labor and parts, so if they fix it and something goes wrong while the warranty is still valid they come back and resolve the issue.